(Belly Binding)

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My Style of binding is very common in Mexico . Belly binding is an important part of the healing process after giving birth. In cultural traditions around the world, special attention is given to the mother and her healing body after birth. Repair of diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles)

 It's purpose is to provide strength and warmth to the core muscles.

Abdominal Massage and palpitation is always performed prior to belly binding . This is when I take the time to teach all my clients how to self detect their healing via uterine involution.



  • Improves digestion

  • Uterine involution

  • Heals diastasis recti

  • Regain Bladder control

  • Keeps warmth in the womb

  • Allows postpartum person to feel secure

  • Allows fascia and ligaments to rest

  • Relieves pelvic joint dysfunction pain

  • Supports uterine and abdominal integrity

  • Minimizes discomfort and uterine cramping

  • Stabilizes intra abdominal and chest cavity pressure

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