Byanca Franco

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Byanca Franco founded Apapachar Wombyn Services to empower and support expecting momma's as a doula , through traditional birthing tools and techniques from  Mexico.

Byanca has an extensive background in medical support spanning thirteen years. She knows the ins and outs of medical protocols and is able to advocate for her clients for both hospital and home births.

Based out of San Jose, California , her specialties include being both a labor and post partum doula, child birth educator,traditional birthing techniques , sobadas, belly binding, bone closing , placenta encapsulation and patient advocacy.


​As a Momma to her own Angel Baby ,Brielle Faith, Byanca dedicates her work with love all the love in her heart and for the most optimal outcomes for momma and baby.


Apapachar comes from the Nahuatl "Apapachoa" meaning "To caress with the soul"


Apapachar proviene del Nauhuatl "Aapachoa" significa "Acariciar con el alma"