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Decolonize, Empower, Relearn, and Reclaim Traditional Maternal Wisdom



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Byanca Franco
Mexica Birthkeeper

Student Midwife

Labor, postpartum and end of life doula 

Placenta Encapsulator

Montrice care


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Byanca is an incredible doula! There are not many experiences that can compare to the birth of child. As I prepared for the big day, I knew that I had to have the best of the best by my side - and there was Byanca. 

I have known Byanca personally for a few years, and have always been touched by her knowledge, her desire to empower women and her strong grounding presence. Byanca helped deliver another one of our friend's baby via home birth, and I knew the moment I got pregnant - I wanted Byanca to be apart of my birthing experience. 

Not to spoil the ending - put my birth was perfect! My water broke on a Friday, and the process began. Byanca came to my home with my other fabulous doula Liz and supported me in whatever I needed. I didn't give birth until Saturday at 8:16 pm - so it was a pretty long stretch of time. I didn't need Byanca the whole time, as I wanted to have some space for myself (I needed to get into a meditate.

-Nina Banday


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I was greatly empowered before and during birth, thanks to Byanca  who showed me that there are occasions although everyone says it is not common as long as one is well informed we can make our birth one of the greatest experiences in our life.  I wish that more women or all of them will live the birth as a  great experience because it is our right. Thanks for helping me alot it was  a pleasure to meet and have  a doula like Byanca by my side

-Susy Heredia 

 To begin, this review is WELL overdue! Byanca had been educating me on her practices for quite some time. She was knowledgeable, kind & really understanding to what was going on with me. After a pregnancy ended for me I bled for over one month. I was emotional confused and even my medical doctor had no clue what really was happening with me. After explaining to B what was going on with me she said I would benefit tremendously from a yoni steam and a womb massage. When I walked in for our sesh her home was very welcoming, essential oil mist calmed me instantly. Once I undressed she did my yoni steam and she started her ritual while some pretty nice Native American songs were playing! Really made me feel I was tapping in with my inner self and I felt good that I was also tapping into my ancient ancestors practices. Once that was done she laid me on my back and began my womb massage she let me know that I was holding a whole lot of tension and stress in my uterus and even showed me with my own hands how much knots I had. I WAS AMAZED! She then wrapped my belly. Once she was done she gave me some herbal tea and I released my yoni water onto a beautiful tree in her yard while I physically emotionally & spiritually released everything that I was holding onto. She sent me home with gifts of sage to burn to cleanse my spaces, herbs to add to my bath and even some fresh lavender from her home garden! I felt amazing and within days my bleeding stopped and since then my periods are back to normal, lasting 3-4 days and coming every 30-35 days! She blessed me and continues to with her constant guidance and friendship that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

-Samantha R


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