My style of binding is a traditional mexican way , with the uterus being the very core of traditional medicine. The womb is the center of a woman's well being and important to honor it's role in all stages of life. The womb is especially honored after the birth of a child. The practice is used to bring warmth  back to the  body and seal the body. It is used not just to heal the muscle wall but to help place the womb back in it's proper place.

Postpartum Sealing ( La Cerrada)

$275 2-3 hours 

The Process

1. Yoni Steam Bath

 The yoni steam bath helps heal the perineum, uterus, reproductive system, treats hemorrhoids and helps bring warmth back into the uterus.

2. Herbal Body Bath

Client is placed in tub with fresh warming herbs . This bath is in lieu of a temazcal  (sweat lodge) which represents the womb and being in the mothers womb feeling warm,protected and nourished. When you leave the womb you are born. Allows mother to release, meditate and reflect on the birth.

3. Bone Closing Ceremony

Full body gentle massage to help seal the body and close the mothers bones.

4. Sobada and Belly Binding 

Warming oils to gently massage the womb. It is used not just to heal the muscle wall but to help place the womb back in it's proper place.

* Postpartum sealing is a great way to help the mother feel loved and cared for. Assists in releasing unwanted , stuck energies. Aligns the hips and spine.*

Belly Binding


  • 1 in home belly binding 

  • 2 bandage binding wraps

  • 4 oz warming oil

  • Additional in home binding visits $30 

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